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Innovative Business Services

"Providing professional administrative services to client's around the world."

Welcome to Innovative Business Services (IBS). I am Michelle Graves, Owner and it's a pleasure to meet you! Have a seat and lets discuss the type of service you are seeking.

First let me give you an overview of what IBS is all about. With the technology of computers and online services I am able to provide you with the same service as an onsite Office Manager or Administrative Assistant.

How? By fax, email, FTP, UPS, and Overnight service.

Below is a outline of how IBS provides you service:

Step one: We determine the service you are needing. (For a complete list of services available visit our Service section.) You and I discuss this by phone (preferred), meeting (face to face for local clients and chat room for online clients) email, fax, instant messenger (ICQ), if you don't have ICQ, no need to worry I can assess Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, etc.

Step two: You and I will then discuss format, special instructions,software you prefer, deadline for the project, delivery method and rate.

Step three: Upon agreement of everything in step two, I will then email you an IBS's client agreement outlining everything you and I have discussed. You (the client)sign/date and return the agreement to IBS by fax, email or UPS with deposit (if required) and the information needed to start the project.

Step four: The project begins! During the course of the project you and I will be in constant contact on the stages of the project. Once the project is completed I will notify you then payment is transferred and the final project is delivered to you. It's that simple!

So let's get started on your project. Email the following information:
* Full name, address, phone and fax number.
* Email address.
* Type of service requesting.
* Completion deadline.
* Your payment method.
* Method you will use to send source material (USP, fax, email, etc.)
You will not be disappointed, that's a guarantee.

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Special - New Clients Only!  IBS is offering 2 hours free on new projects with a minimum of 8 hours.

IBS Announcements

* IBS now accepts payments (online checks, credit cards, electronic wire transfer) via PayPal.

What are they saying about IBS?

Michelle has been a godsend to W4H. She is always willing to take on any project, completes them before deadline and always produces quality work.
L. Donahoe, VP

I don't know what I would do without your assistances. You are a very dedicated individual and take great pride in providing quality service to your client's. Thanks Michelle

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