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Innovative Business Services

"Outsourcing professional administrative services to client's around the world".

How do you know if you need a virtual assistant?
First look around you, your desk, your vehicle,
your "To Do" list, etc. What do you see? If you
can't see your desk or your "To Do" list is ongoing
then you probably need to consider hiring a virtual assistant.

Some of the most common questions client's ask are:

How do I find a professional VA?
What kind of services can a VA provide?
What is the cost to hire a VA?
How do I determine what responsibilities to
delegate to a VA?

First make a list of VA's you are considering.
Contact each one by phone or email. I believe
the initial interview such be by telephone if
at all possible. Ask questions and listen to
the respond you receive this will tell you a
lot about the person, their skills and loyalty.
Most importantly ask for references.

VA's offer a variety of services such as,
billing, bookkeeping, word processing (letters,
manual, etc.), travel arrangement, returning
phone calls, paying bills, checking email,
scheduling, web design and the list goes on.

Be specific in the services you are requesting.
For example provide the VA with the following details:
* What type of service are you requesting.
* The size of the project.
* The format you prefer.
* A deadline date.
* Method of payment.
* Method of delivery email, fax, USP, FedEx, UPS, etc.

Communication is very important when working with a VA!

VA's rates range from $20.00 - $50.00 per hour depending on the type of service needed.

To decide which duties to delegate make a list of tasks that you dislike doing or just don't have the time to complete. Decide which tasks only you can do and assign the other tasks on your list to your VA and watch it disappear.

Special - New Clients Only!  IBS is offering 2 hours free on new projects with a minimum of 8 hours.

Special Offer
New Client's Only!
Receive the first 2 hours free with a minimum of 8 hours on your first project until
June 30, 2000.

What are they saying about IBS?

Michelle has been a godsend to W4H. She is always willing to take on any project, completes them before deadline and always produces quality work.
L. Donahoe, VP

I don't know what I would do without your assistances. You are a very dedicated individual and take great pride in providing quality service to your client's. Thanks Michelle



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